Racial Profiling in a Criminal Context

In law, racial profiling occurs when race or racial stereotypes are used, either consciously or unconsciously, and to any degree, in the selection or treatment of a suspect.

Ajiaco Bogotano (Colombia)

We typically serve the soup in ceramic black bowls just like the one in the photo, sitting in a basket . Ajiaco its a part of Christmas celebration for people in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

Citizenship Success Story

My name is Aida and I came across an IWSO poster at my adult high school in 2020. Determined to pass my Canadian Citizenship Test after a previous unsuccessful attempt, I was immediately intrigued and began attending the online weekly citizenship lectures and discussion groups offered by IWSO.

What does it means to sit on the IWSO Board of Directors

IWSO is governed by a women-led Board of Directors, the majority being immigrant and racialized women themselves. If you have ever wondered what it means to these exceptional women to actually have a seat at the IWSO table, read here what this opportunity means to them.

Donor Spotlights

IWSO Connections has started a new series of Donor Spotlights so that our community can meet the individuals, families and funders who make our work possible in the Ottawa area. We are proud to feature the great diversity of donors who are all connected by a commitment to investing in gender equity for immigrant and racialized women. Meet Beverly Ensom and her son Paul Ensom.

PR Residency Obligation

This article addresses the following question: Once I am a permanent resident of Canada, do I have to stay in Canada?

Robert Campeau Family Foundation Supports IWSO Programming

Immigrant Women Services Ottawa (IWSO), announced that The Robert Campeau Foundation has graciously donated $3000 in support of Immigrant Women Services Ottawa. Funding will go directly to providing support to our many programs that support immigrant women and their children.

Virtual Free Legal Support

IWSO is pleased to announce its partnership with Pro-Bono Students through the University of Ottawa- Common law department.