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Digital Literacy Success Stories

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Dear Iskrena,

Thank you for all the computer courses you taught from level 1 to 4.  They helped me so much with my work at Amazon because we work with computers. 

Thank you again.



I would like to tell you my story and my experience with the IWSO computer courses.  I have always looked forward to increasing and developing my skills on the computer, especially during the periods between training on simple computer skills and stopping the use of more difficult programs. Iskrena, with her computer experience, unlimited giving, and support for women who are developing computer skills, is an excellent instructor.  I am happy to have achieved success and developed my computer skills through IWSO.  The result of all my efforts was reflected in the progress I made and the increase in my self-confidence.

 My ability to use a variety of computer programmes is an important skill that I can add to my  CV and help me in future careers.  Not only does computer literacy help in applying for jobs, but it may also increase my  salary and allow me to take on more responsibilities at work.

I recommend to everyone who wants to develop her computer skills and capabilities to start computer training with Iskrena in order to achieve a step in the direction of your future success.  For me, it was a very wonderful and successful experience towards achieving a better future.

Best Regards,


Hello everyone! 

I would like to share with you how happy and busy I am with computer classes. Professor Iskrena is excellent.  She encourages me to do the tasks needed to excell.  I confess that it has been challenging, I’m not good at theory, but I like to practice.  I took this computer course when I was new to Canada. There was a day when I stayed for 5 hours to remember where all the tools I needed were located and I managed to do it. It doesn’t always turn out as we want, but don’t give up… persist, until everything goes according to your dream. I hope that soon, you too will be working, and achieving your goals. 

 God bless you all.


When I registered for this course, I thought I knew a lot already and that I was not going to learn much. To my surprise, there were so many things that I had never learned about computers. Wheever I was in technological trouble, I just used my survival skills or relied on my kids for help. As adults, we lack familiarity with computers and we find it challenging or even shameful to ask questions. Now, technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives. We need it for work, school, keeping in touch, day-to-day task management, remote education and even online shopping. Therefore, there is a new subject to keep learningabout and it’s called digital literacy.

As a teacher, coming from abroad, I was used to paper, pen, chalk and board (I might sound too old!)  Then Covid came,  I had to teach online and learn more about computers to be able to compete for any available jobs. Now, with a word processor, I can easily edit anywhere in a document, erase, copy and move text and change fonts. I keep learning and practising so I don’t forget what I have learned. I can work so much faster now and help my students that do not have digital literacy.

Thank you Iskrena for being so good and SO PATIENT with your adult students. I am so glad for teachers like you who make a difference in an immigrant’s life. I am currently working as a full-time teacher in a high school and I am using everything I have learned in your courses.


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