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Dillon Consulting Limited is proud to support Immigrant Women Services Ottawa and the vital work they do in our community. A significant part of the Dillon Corporate Social Responsibility policy includes strengthening their communities by donating a percentage of earnings to environmental and charitable organizations. Each Dillon office chooses specific local organizations to support. Since 2009, Dillon has donated more than $1.6M to their communities. The Ottawa office recently chose to work with IWSO – an organization that helps to address a genuine social need and directly benefits the Ottawa community. 

“I understand that many newcomers to Canada face greater challenges than citizens, and that women still face greater challenges than men. Since I am part of an immigrant family and was raised by a single mom, I fully empathize with those in need of IWSO services - so of course, the work of IWSO resonated with me as very meaningful and important. Helping women in Ottawa, especially those who are newcomers to Canada, is certainly a pathway to a stronger and more inclusive Ottawa. I am proud that we have been able to support this cause!”
Rory Baksh
Partner, Dillon Consulting

Recently, Dillon completed a major task to examine their culture and update their core values. This exercise included inviting Dillon employees to participate in an Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI), interactive workshops across Canada, and engaging with all voices from the Board of Directors to employees who had just joined Dillon. Dillon worked to include all voices in this important conversation so that Dillon’s culture and values would be truly representative of its members. 

Dillon’s culture and values are critical to their success as an employer, a service provider and corporate citizen. One of Dillon’s six core values is inclusiveness. Dillon specifically chooses to prioritize Inclusiveness and Diversity (I&D) in the operation of their business, in their values and in their culture. I&D is essential to Dillon to stay competitive in their industry. 

“Inclusiveness in business is about involving many different types of people and removing barriers in our workplace, so we can generate new ideas and become even more innovative in the work that we do. We know that I&D is not one person's job, but must be widespread across the organization, so everyone can see I&D as their role.”
Dillon’s Inclusiveness and Diversity Plan

A gender-diverse workplace is one component of Dillon’s overall Inclusiveness and Diversity Plan. In addition to a company-wide inclusiveness and diversity program, Dillon also has a committee called Women in Dillon. The committee has influenced policies, provided education and training, supported one another, and provided outreach for over 13 years. The goal of Women in Dillon is to understand the experience of women in the business and to inform management on this perspective; thereby influencing company choices, policies, systems, and processes as they relate to women. 

Dillon also recognizes the need to promote and develop First Nation members wanting to evolve their skills as consulting practitioners, professional scientists and engineers. One of our Indigenous partners has established an independent Indigenous-owned consulting firm (SOAR Professional Services LP) that draws on the expertise within Dillon, as needed. With their deep understanding of diverse traditions and cultures of Indigenous communities, SOAR’s First Nation staff will control their career growth and bring First Nation community perspectives to technical services offered. 

Dillon is an established, employee-owned professional consulting firm specializing in planning, management, engineering and environmental science. With over 20 office locations and more than 900 employees across Canada, Dillon offers a wide range of services related to building and improving facilities and infrastructure, protecting the environment, and developing communities.

Dillon Consulting Limited 

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