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Sharon Margison, valued monthly donor shares her reasons why becoming a monthly donor to IWSO is an important part of her giving strategy.

IWSO Donor Story – Sharon Margison

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Giving monthly draws us closer to IWSO

In the fall of 2014, IWSO assisted the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) in preparing for CES’ 2015 university student competition.   As a CES volunteer, I had the lead role in writing a request for proposals to evaluate IWSO’s Settlement and Integration Services program.   The challenge for the student teams was to respond with a proposal for how they would undertake the evaluation.  Mercy Lawluvi, then Manager of the program, was instrumental in helping me prepare the request.

As a result of learning about IWSO’s Settlement and Integration Services, I subsequently expanded my annual donations plan. I focus my donations on four areas —community health services/well-being, women, the environment and arts—and at three levels—local, national and international.  These groupings guide my choice of charities to support.   Adding IWSO to my plan aligned with two of my areas of interest, women and community well-being, and with giving to an organization that serves at the local level.

Recently I switched to monthly donations, whereas previously all my donations were annual.  Monthly donations provide charities with a more predictable cashflow.  In essence, I have enhanced my support for IWSO by giving monthly instead of donating my total annual contribution once a year.

Being a monthly donor draws me closer to IWSO.  I think of IWSO at least monthly, not just once or twice a year.  Monthly donors are also privy to news from time to time before it’s shared with a wider audience.  In a way, it’s like being a member of a large extended family.

I invite you to join IWSO’s circle of monthly donors if you haven’t already.  The more donors that contribute monthly, the more IWSO can focus its efforts on other pressing tasks at hand.


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