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Janet Riehm

Janet Riehm-Donor Story

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It is an honour to provide some background as to why I am an IWSO monthly donor.

First, I believe and support IWSO’s mission which is to provide immigrant and racialized women and their families in the City of Ottawa and the surrounding area with the support and tools to achieve their full potential as members of Canadian society and participate in the elimination of all forms of abuse against women and children.

There are so many amazing immigrants in our community who need a boost or assistance, before they can fully achieve their success, however they define it.

Second, as women, we all face barriers, however immigrant women face additional ones of colour and possibly having fled from traumatic backgrounds, either personal or through migration. Sometimes lack of English and/or French language skills may contribute to their isolation. Some immigrant women may only have a small professional network. All of the above are basically the tools and foundation needed to succeed in Canada.

Third, I am married to an immigrant, and I’ve seen how hard he had to work to prove himself and be accepted as a professional equal.

Finally, I always give a monthly donation as I know a monthly stream of donor revenue assists a charity to fulfill their mandate. I’m proud to call myself a monthly donor to IWSO.

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