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Leadership for Systemic Change – Project Updates

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The Leadership for Systemic Change project is currently completing the planning phases. Here are some of the activities in progress.

Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment Summary Report is complete and is available on our website at

Project Plans

Implementation Plan 

IWSO has completed another primary deliverable for the project. The plan highlights how IWSO will implement each leadership-building activity. 

Outreach Strategy

The Outreach Strategy has been finalized. This plan outlines the project’s promotional activities for participants and organizations. Based on the strategy, IWSO promoted the project through its Launch (on International Women’s Day), the Welcoming Ottawa Week (WOW) event, its social media channels, newspaper advertisements and key informant interviews. Over forty immigrant and racialized women have signed up for the project. IWSO has also gathered over ten collaborations with multiple organizations to train, mentor and place participants. 

Other Project Updates

Staff/Consultant Updates

IWSO is pleased to welcome an addition to the Leadership for Systemic Change team. Reham Abdalla is our new Project Officer who will support the Project Manager in executing the project. 

IWSO has finalized its recruitment process for an Evaluator for the project. Reem Adas will join the project as a consultant for the evaluation activities. 

Project Planning and Training

From the Needs Assessment research, IWSO identified more than 11 knowledge and skill areas for leadership-building among immigrant and racialized women. IWSO will train 20+ participants for the first cohort of the program. IWSO is currently gathering resources and conducting interviews with immigrant women to ascertain their project expectations.

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