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Local Student Entrepreneurs Support IWSO

Mercy Lawluvi,
Executive Director 

Jourie Albatnuni,
Corporate Responsibility Officer

IWSO partners with Coastify in the support of Immigrant and Racialized Women in the City of Ottawa

Ottawa,  ON – June  4, 2021… Immigrant  Women  Services Ottawa (IWSO) today announced that they have  partnered with Coastfiy, a Junior  Achievement Company Program that allows high school students to create their own business from scratch with the help of mentors.

Coastify’s Corporate Responsibility Officer, Jurie Albatnuni said,  “Each year we are tasked with finding an organization to partner with that we can  share a percentage

of our profits  with and  spread awareness about the organization’s cause. This year Coastify  has  chosen IWSO because we align and  agree with their mission and  we want to support women and  their families that are going through rough  times.”

“We were thrilled that this group  of talented students chose Immigrant  Women Services Ottawa as their charity  of choice. Being recognized by students in our community is very gratifying.   It’s excellent that the youth in Ottawa realize the challenges of immigrant  and  racialized women and  help share the information  with their friends  and  family,” said  Mercy Lawluvi, Executive  Director of IWSO.

IWSO includes a multi-disciplinary team  (crisis counsellors, professional language interpreters, settlement and  integration counsellors, and  volunteers) offering comfort and  support to immigrant  and  racialized women in Ottawa and  the surrounding areas.

The Junior  Achievers  Company Program is a hands-on program where  students learn the risks and  rewards of starting a business and  how to build positive relationships with the community. They solve real business challenges, learn how to incorporate their business, appoint a management team  that will best enable them to achieve their company’s mission, and  much  more.               You can  find more information about the program

here:  https://w w

About Immigrant Women  Services Ottawa:

The mandate of (IWSO) is to empower immigrant  and  racialized women in the City of Ottawa and  surrounding areas to participate in the elimination  of all forms of abuse against women; to provide  culturally responsive services which will facilitate their access to community and  mainstream services and  provide  other  services/programs which will assist immigrant  women in their journey to attain  their full potential. Immigrant  Women  Services Ottawa is a community-based agency serving  immigrant and  racialized women. We create opportunities for women as they integrate into a new society, rebuild their lives free of violence,  and  achieve their personal goals.

About The JA’s Company Program:

Over a four-month period, JA’s Company Program teaches grade 9-12 students how to organize and  operate a real business. Volunteers from the local business community work with students to launch  and  run a small enterprise. This gives students the real-world skills and  experience that they need to achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.  By the end  of Company Program,  students will understand how to run a successful business enterprise. This will give them confidence and  empower them  to become Canada’s future CEOs.

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