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Service Providers Testimonials

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On a daily basis, IWSO works closely with a myriad of service providers, ensuring the immigrant and racialized women in our area receive the best interpretation available to meet their vast needs and circumstances.  We are proud of the work we are able to do in this area and feel privileged to serve our clients.

Read below to see what our service providers are saying about our highly skilled Interpreters.

“Your service is critical to assisting some of the most vulnerable women. Not only do they benefit from the free service, but they benefit from a service that is highly professional and of very good quality.”

Heather Neufeld

Barrister and Solicitor / Attorney at Law

Heather Neufeld Law


“IWSO has been a key partner for the success of our international and national meetings. Our partners across the world have greatly appreciated their skill, their professionalism and their deep interest in the subject matter that they are interpreting. We hope to continue to work with IWSO for years to come.”

Stephane L. Pressault

Directeur général / Executive Director



“I have worked with interpreters from IWSO for many years now. I have always found them to be professional, punctual, and sensitive to my client’s emotional needs. Many of my clients are so comfortable with the interpreters provided they request them for their subsequent appointments. I have also used IWSO translators for my client’s personal and legal documents. I appreciate the fact that they always provide a draft for me to review before finalizing to ensure the accuracy of the work.”

Laura Setzer

Immigration Lawyer


  “My name is Renée and I am an intake worker and case manager at Service Coordination Support (SCS) for the children’s services.

I would like to recognize your interpreter, Wejdan. Wejdan and I have been working together for a little while now to support a Tigrinya-speaking parent. I really, really appreciate working with her. She goes beyond her role as an interpreter and will support this mutual client of ours with dedication, passion and empathy. I hope you will be able to recognize her as a phenomenal worker and I am genuinely grateful for the work that she does.”

Renée-Claude Grandmaître

Gestionnaire de cas/Conseillère à l’accueil, Services aux enfants

Case manager/Intake Worker, Children’s Services 


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