Crisis Intervention and Counselling

Are you in an abusive or violent relationship?

Maybe you’re still hoping that things will change or you’re afraid of what your partner will do if he discovers you’re trying to leave. Whatever your reasons, you probably feel trapped and helpless. We know it’s not easy. But help is available.The scars of domestic violence and abuse run deep. The trauma of what you’ve been through can stay with you long after you’ve escaped the abusive situation. Counselling, therapy, and support groups for domestic abuse survivors can help you process what you’ve been through and learn how to build new and healthy relationships.

There are many resources available to you, including crisis hotlines, shelters—even job training, legal services, and childcare. You deserve to live FREE of FEAR and/or VIOLENCE. Start by reaching out.

Here is a list of the services and programs we offer:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Short-term counselling
  • Therapeutic counselling
  • Women support groups
  • Children who witness violence program
  • Housing and transitional support program
  • Information and referrals
  • Advocacy and legal clinics
  • Emergency
  • Help for Women
  • Help for Children

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