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Settlement Success Story

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“I am 43 years old, and I am the sole support parent of 4 children. I was born and raised in Syria, I got my university degree in elementary childhood education back in my native country. My family and I survived years of ruthless wars in Syria, and then to face homelessness and poverty in Lebanon.

In 2016, my family was among the fortunate families that got selected by United Nations to get refuge in Canada. Living in Canada could have put an end to our tragic story, but that was not the case for my children and I as we were victims of abuse. My ex-husband became more and more abusive to my children and I, he prevented me from getting any further education or acquiring any other basic skills that would facilitate my integration into the Canadian environment.

After much that happened between us, I finally got separated from my husband and he was supposed to provide child support to my children as agreed during our mediation. But much to my surprise, he did not bother to carry through with his commitment to his children and I was alone with my children and I was devastated.

I feel very fortunate when I reached out to my Settlement counselor, and I was referred to and received counseling and many other services, I feel that I could breathe again, the counselor was with me with each step toward a wellness and integration process. I now feel confident and empowered taking the next steps with my children, even during this pandemic.”

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