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Citizenship Success Story

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Citizenship Test Preparation classes at IWSO

My name is Aida and I came across an IWSO poster at my adult high school in 2020. Determined to pass my Canadian Citizenship Test after a previous unsuccessful attempt, I was immediately intrigued and began attending the online weekly citizenship lectures and discussion groups offered by IWSO.

I found the group learning environment particularly helpful, they provided a safe space for me to openly participate and engage with the course material amongst a group of women in similar situations. This gave me a sense of community and belonging! I also appreciated how well the volunteer instructors explained and presented the course materials and the insights they shared; these points of view helped me form new connections that I was unable to make in the past when studying alone. I valued the study tips, the back-and-forth discussions and explanations, the focus on history, and the helpful tips to consider in making educated guesses.

The volunteer teachers, Hazelle and Nazifa were so supportive and helpful. As my Citizenship test was approaching they scheduled several one-on-one extra sessions for me to make sure I am ready and confident for my Citizenship test.

The classes served beyond their practical role of preparing me for the examination. In fact, they also helped me with a deeper understanding of my rights and freedoms. The Citizenship preparation class also helped me further connect with my teenage daughter through the shared interest in Canadian history.

I am pleased to report that I passed my Canadian Citizenship test in July 2021. I am so grateful for what IWSO and its volunteers have done for me and I am committed to spreading the word about the organization and encouraging fellow newcomers to join the citizenship classes. I am going to Join IWSO sewing class to stay connected with this wonderful supportive community.

I really would like IWSO to keep going, never give up on providing these courses for immigrant women. I am going to keep spreading the word. Thankfully, by the grace of God, I became aware of IWSO, and I am very happy!

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