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Isabelle Rode, owner of Vintage Soil Farm shares her passion for providing food to IWSO’s most vulnerable clients

Vintage Soil Farm

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As a farmer, feeding people is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job but it is no secret that local, organic, seasonal produce often does not reach our most vulnerable populations. That is why I reached out to Immigrant Women Services Ottawa in the winter to see if they would be interested in distributing our CSA boxes to their clients. A CSA, community-supported agriculture, is a weekly produce subscription that our members sign up for in the winter and then in the summer, they get a weekly box of veggies filled with whatever is in season. 


When the folks at IWSO gave us a resounding YES, we set to work. Thanks to our CSA members and family we were able to raise enough money to supply IWSO with 3 regular shares for the whole season (18 weeks). In addition, we gave our members the option to donate their shares to IWSO if they had a week that they would miss their pick-up window. 


This meant, each week we’ve been able to deliver a minimum of 3, but typically more, boxes of fresh, local, organic veggies to the team at IWSO to distribute to their clients.


It has been wonderful to see this program come to life. Each week I’m able to meet different women who are there to receive their veggies and it feels so great knowing we’re able to give them some delicious food to enjoy and cook with, that week. I’m very excited about this partnership and I hope we’re able to continue it for years to come because everyone deserves good food. 

We are currently in our summer season but are looking forward to our fall CSA and hoping to continue our partnership with IWSO. Our fall CSA are (4)  biweekly boxes in November and December and will contain a wide variety of veggies like onions, potatoes, carrots, spinach, lettuce, beets and more!

Please feel free to email me at: if you have any questions about our farm or how you can help us support our work with IWSO.

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