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Solange Mattar

Volunteering at IWSO- Solange Mattar – Yoga Instructor

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Solange Mattar is a volunteer with IWSO offering yoga and meditation. She teaches every Thursday at 7:00pm via zoom to a lovely group of women. The online class is inclusive to all, gentle and a great way to end your day!

Solange started volunteering her yoga services with IWSO 1 1/2 years ago through another non for profit organisation that provided yoga and meditation classes to people who wouldn’t always have access to learning these valuable relaxation techniques.

She’s been teaching yoga for 5 years in a safe & encouraging environment and her approach has always been inclusive and accessible to all body types.

Prior to being a yoga instructor, she was a mental health and drug addictions counsellor in various shelters and organisations through Ottawa.

Born and raised in Ottawa, her mother is of Lebanese decent and her father, French Canadian.

She says she loves teaching the Thursday Night class with IWSO because she knows the short and long term benefits of a yoga and movement practice in our lives and she wants this practice to be accessible to those who wish to try it. The group of women who attend, varies from familiar faces who have been there before to new ladies attending for the first time. All are welcome!

Solange says, “ It’s nice to see the women share after class how yoga and meditation helps their bodies and how their mind feels good afterwards.  These classes create a nice sense of community and the women leave feeling relaxed.”

Solange encourages those who are curious to give the yoga and meditation classes a try. “Stepping out of your comfort zone and trusting this will be good for you!”

Solange is a fulltime yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher. To find out more, see her website below.

Solange Mattar (She/Her)

Solange Mattar yoga

Mindful movements, yoga and meditatioN

Mouvements conscients, yoga et méditation

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